This week was productive. I did lots of working out, baking, cooking, and running errands. 

1. Here a little sneak peek of a home decor knitting project I have started. I am quite excited for the end result. I think it will be a nice addition to our home. 2. I bought myself a Meyer lemon tree for my birthday that is coming up next week. It is my gift from my grandma since she said she would give me money to buy something. I have been envisioning a lemon tree in my sunroom. Thanks grandma! 3. I bought some muffin head pans for my mom and I. She found them on eBay. She has been searching for a second pan for years as she loves hers.  Her collection is now complete and I have one of my own. If you ever see one of these in a store you should buy it. Who doesn't love the top of a muffin? 4. The cookies were a hit. I froze a bag then took them to B's colleague who was also addicted. I may need to make more soon.

5. This is a photo of the flowing bush outside my sunroom. Its wonderful to see so many flowers and green plants in March. Culture shock? No. Highly appreciated? Yes. 6. Yarn barf {the mess of tangled yarn you pull out of the middle of a centre-pull ball}. Enough said. 7. I have been reunited with old Tazo earl grey. Thanks to a coupon and Whole Foods I paid about $3.99 for the box! The price is only relevant because if you can find this specific vintage of tea in Canada it is about $10/box! 8. Oh and we made tacos this week! Yum.

Do you have exciting plans for the weekend? We have to do the usual grocery shopping, have a party to attend, some house cleaning, and spending time at home! Oh and I really want to go to Frankie's Dawg House for a hotdog. Not the healthiest choice but I bet it will be delish. I am a huge fan of grourmet hotdogs. Did you know my fave at home toppings are salsa and grated cheese on a whole wheat bun? Yum!

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