I  am not sure where to start with this weekend. Saturday was busy but productive. Sunday was relax and fun... and the weather was amazing! Here are two highlights from the weekend.

Frankie's Dawg House:
On Sunday, we met friends at Frankie's Dawg House for some gourmet hotdogs. It is walking distance from our house we so took advantage of the nice weather and got some exercise. 

I decided on the muffelatta dog with olive tapenade, ham, and grated cheese! I also had a lemonade and tater tots. Wow. They sure know how to make a gourmet hot dog. I do not think it is the healthiest meal I have ever had but that's why we eat healthy all week! Its all about balance.


We decided to take on the task of pruning all of the old vines from underneather a bush in our back yard. It looked as though something was living in it but really it was just old chicken wire that had fallen off the fence and was creating a cave of vines. Surprisingly, there were no fire ant hills in it! 3 bags and 5 armfulls of wines out of the curb, we have improved the look of our backyard once again. We finished up by raking the dirt, planting some grass seed, and giving everything some water. What a great feeling to have that task complete.

Exciting plans for this week? 
We are expecting a delivery of something very exciting today.
More muffins.
Some work in the garden... and an update!
A big day on Friday.
A couple DIY's.

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