Today our lucky number is 10. 
Why, you may ask? Well, today I planted 10 varietals of tomatoes in my garden.

10 varietals may seem excessive but we love tomatoes and I had space... actually saved space... so why not? Here is a list of what I planted: red cherry, green zebra, black prince, sun sugar, salsa roma, orange oxheart, mountain pride, caspian pink, grape, and yellow plum!

Even better yet, they were $1.99/ plant at my fave greenhouse. That may have been the other reason why I got so many. I love a good deal. Most places in town sell them for at least 3.50-4.99 for larger plants, but I figured I could start smaller since my garden is growing like crazy already!

Are you sick of hearing about my garden already? I hope not. I cannot wait to show more updates and be able to cook with my produce!

In other exciting news: I have been going to lots of different fitness classes in and around Baton Rouge. Lululemon here sponsors classes, others I have found found for free, and I also found a killer first timers deal.

Yoga Bliss: 10 classes, $20, 30 days (the deal!)
I have gone to 3 hot yoga, 1 yoga flow, and 1 yoga for weight loss. All of the classes have been amazing. I feel very lucky to be introduced to this studio by a friend. The instructors are amazing. They also put a cool peppermint scented cloth on your forehead at the end of every class...  amazing!

I had been to a bar class in Portland on vacation so I have done a similar class before. They are building a studio here that is not complete yet so they are using space at a local dance studio... no official studio till April = no cost till April! This was probably my least favorite class I have taken, purely for alignment reasons. The instructor was good but I do not function well in an imprint position for an hour... lets make my tight hip flexors even shorter!

Purely E: free
This class was sponsored by our local Lululemon! It was another barre class. I love the instructor, music, and pace. The room was packed... because it was a free class, but everyone did their best to accommodate the lack of personal space. I would pay to go here again but classes are quite expensive so I would watch for a deal.

Again, Lululemon sponsored this class! This studio does mainly equipment classes (my fave!) but we did a mat workout because it was in a local clothing store. I really enjoyed the instructor, the workout, and the small group that was in attendance. I cannot wait to try more classes at their studio... or maybe even teach!

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