A funny story

When it rains, it pours... literally... in the south. I am not used to the amount of rain here in the south still. I have a funny story for you... atleast I think its funny. On Tuesday morning I bought a rain barrel at Whole Foods. I brought it home, set it up on a wood step to have height to put a watering can under the faucet, and waited for the rain to start. I placed it under a stream of water that pours off the house where the two edges of the roof meet.

On Wednesday, it started to rain around 10am. I looked outside at the rain barrel at about 5pm and there was water flowing over the top. I assumed there were leaves clogging the screen in the top so I ran outside to clear the leaves. I was wrong! The 55 gallon rain barrel was full in less than 7 hours!

This was taken after B drained some water out to prevent water access for mosquitoes. I officially have rain water ready for my garden!

In other news, I made an amazing vegetarian dinner on Tuesday:

tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella salad
chilled almond avocado soup
 roasted 5 mushroom tart

I was very impressed with my final menu. It was very simple and only took a bit of prep work earlier in the day to make the soup base then chill it along with roasting 5 types of mushrooms! Want any recipes? Let me know! 

My curtains in the living room are complete... I just need to find the right rings to hang them. Super Target is sold out at both locations in town! Hopefully you will get to see them early next week! Also, Joann Fabrics is having their grand opening sale this weekend! I would not be surprised if I end up there for fabric for curtains for another room since I have 6 50% off coupons for this weekend!

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  1. this looks delicious!


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