Sewing: basic curtains

I have been busy sewing these past few days. I wanted to make basic solid curtains for a few rooms in the house, specifically the living room and guest room. After getting some inspiration on Pinterest, I decided to go with a basic solid color using a skinny black rod and curtain clips. I thought I may want to go for grommets and a silver rod but after reading this post, I decided on simplicity. I also loved that this post called this style of curtain rod "eyeliner for the window". 

Here is the room before:

Here is our living room after with basic charcoal colored curtains:

I wanted something basic that would go with the colors of our rental house but could be used in other homes as well. I was very happy with how they turned out considering they were my first try at curtains and I did not use a pattern. Then again, who needs a pattern to make a rectangle? I really love the finesse they add to the room. Did you notice you still have not seen the other side of the living room? That's because there is nothing to see! Hopefully someday we will have furniture!

Once I became an expert at curtains, I decided to quickly make some navy curtains for the guest bedroom. I think they really make a difference in the room. I love navy, it goes with the bedding and wall color, and will work well to keep the heat out of the house in the summer.

Now my brother-in-law can come visit and sleep all day because he can block the sunlight with the new curtains.

When buying my curtains rods at Target, I got a 50% off coupon for 2 packs of curtains. The other day I spent some time there trying to get a vision for our dining room. I finally have decided on a color scheme and have picked a few pieces. I picked up my tablecloth since it was the last one but waited on the curtains. Once we have chairs and curtains, and can get rid of a sofa that was left behind, I'll post some photos!

My next sewing project is this:
I bought these chairs about 5 years ago at Urban Outfitters on sale for $10 each (originally $50 each!). I love these chairs but the covers are at the end of their lives and do not match the mint green paint of the sunroom. I found some material I want to use to make new covers but need to wait until next weekend as I have a coupon for 50% off at Joanne Fabrics. Oh and B got me a teacher's discount card to get an extra 15% off my entire purchase anytime. Who knew professors qualified for this discount?

Time to go! I have a few things to get done yet today!

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