This week went by way too quick! I honestly have no clue what I was up to all week other than making curtains, working out, and cooking. I went for a bike ride this week... first time I have been on my bike is about 6 years! It was a killer workout.

 1. I had a kale smoothie and a ginger snap larabar for breakfast last Saturday. I thought I should eat some green food for the occasion! 2. We have a charcoal BBQ and a chimney starter. These two things can be very intimidating for someone who has only ever used gas BBQs. Well, I can now say starting the BBQ is on of my new skills, and it is no that hard either! 3. Want some beads? This is my collection from the parade on Saturday! If you happen to visit, you will find them in my shed. 4. Did someone mention Easter? It must be right around the corner because some dark chocolate mini eggs ended up at our house the other day. Yum!

5. This is my fave corner of the backyard. It actually grew in naturally like this. I like how rustic it looks and the small purple flowers dispersed throughout. 6. Tazo cucumber white tea. Its my new fave! I love all the different things I can find at Whole Foods! 7. This is the crispy crawfish salad at Walk-On's. It is my fave dish they serve. We go there every Thursday and I choose this about 75% of the time! 8. Times have changed at the fabric store. Check out this amazing thread. These beauties did not exist last time I was at a fabric store. Oh the pleasures of having my own sewing machine and being a crafter!

Have a great weekend! 
Our plans include yard work (like usual) meal planning, grocery shopping, and a couple bike rides!
What are you planning to do this weekend?


  1. Found your blog via InstaFriday. I’m your newest GFC follower!


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