The best part...

Want to know the best part about living in the USA? You can go to the bookstore, sit in the cafe, and read magazines or books for free! Okay, there are other things I like about where we live but this is currently making my Top 10. In Canada, there are no chairs in bookstores and you cannot take unpaid merchandise into the cafe. Seriously! I recently discovered, after years of B telling me this and me not believing him, that I can walk through my local Barnes and Noble, find a book or a magazine I am interested in, and either read it in one of their chairs provided throughout the store or grab a tea in the cafe and sit there to read. What a concept.

I had peppermint tea and crumb cake. Both delish! Do you like how excited I am about our new date night location? B got very into his financial magazines while I read Martha Stewart's organizing magazine and the latest issue of Self. If you are not an organized person I highly recommend Martha's organizing magazine. She has some great tips and tricks. I even learned a thing or two and I would consider myself a very organized person. I may have also called something a "good thing" to B to give him a chuckle.

The bookstore = my new love. We will see you on our next date night!


  1. Just don't sit on the floor in book stores...they don't like that. lol.
    I had no idea Canada didn't allow that...

    1. I will take note of that... thanks!


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