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Happy leap year day!

B knows I love Pinterest. But really, its not just a time waster. I have been using it to find inspirations for home decor. We have been decorating very slowly. I would rather spend extra time finding the right furniture at the right price than buy junk then spend even more money replacing it with something I actually like. We are also renting so I do not want to buy things that fit the house... I want to buy things that can move and grow with us. Here's my dining room inspiration. We have a table but need chairs. Comfortable chairs. Modern chairs. Functional chairs. I just want nice chairs so I can have people over to cook for them!

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I do have a few things narrowed down. I do not like spindles. I like neutrals. I also like a cushion! The hunt continues. 

In the meantime... I also have some home decor craft inspirations!

I need to make scrubbies for dish washing, cushions for the sunroom in a color that goes with mint, and an HBC inspired blanket... since I am always chilled by the air conditioning!

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