Its no secret, I love Whole Foods. There are so many wonderful things I could not buy in Canada. And contrary to their nickname (Whole Paycheck), most items are cheaper than Safeway... a basic Canadian grocery store. Here are some of my most recent finds:

3 different yogurts (redwood hills farm strawberry, brown cow peach, & wallaby organic peach)
Tazo iced chai tea
WF ginger peach black tea
Okios vanilla nonfat greek frozen yogurt
Justin's organic peanut butter cups (a vday gift for B)

Thank you Whole Foods for bringing variety to my fridge. I appreciate it!
Next purchases from WF - a rain barrel and herbs for my sunroom.

Today's Bodyrock workout:
I loved today's workout. It was just the right combination of strength and cardio.
1 x Push-Up + Clean & Press & Squat & Press - 5, 5
L Lunge & Press - 11, 12
R Lunge & Press - 13, 12
Side Jump, Centre Push Up, Side Jump - 8, 8
Single Arm Clean & Press - 10, 12
Knee Lift - 21, 21
Left Leg Bridge - 19, 21
Right Leg Bridge - 16, 22
Over Head Abs - 10, 11

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