V-day at my place

I love Valentine's Day. Its a day of love, caring, and romance. What's not to love?
Yesterday morning started with a trip to the bank then to SB for a cold drink. Well... my plan changed when I saw the "love" cups. I was feelin an iced coffee because it was a beautiful day but ended up getting a caramel macchiato just for the cup!

For dinner we went to my place... okay, not my place. But we did go to Chelsea's Cafe. The restaurant is a 15 minute walk from our house. The perfect distance to get some exercise while walking to dinner. Chelsea's has a terrific menu, great prices, and the service was amazing. Our server made some great recommendations and he did not rush our meal. 

To start we had the boudin links served with pepper jelly and yellow mustard.  Much healthier than the tradition fried boudin balls and allows the flavor to come through.
For dinner,  B had the crawfish risotto: crawfish tails, red & green peppers, red onions, mushrooms and tomatoes sauteed in olive oil & garlic finished with Italian cheese blend & Arborio rice simmered in a rich chicken stock.
I had the fried green tomatoes with 6 grilled jumbo shrimp, remoulade, and spring mix. My shrimp were definitely the star of the show.  They were so fresh... oh I love seafood in the south!
For dessert we had the "hockey puck"... or so it says on our receipt. It was a triple layer mousse cake with a strawberry. When I asked the server how big it was, he came back to tell me it was the size of a hockey puck. He seemed very hesitant like he did not actually know what size it would be. We giggled as we knew exactly what he meant. It was exactly what I hoped for.

We finished the day with our fave tradition. Homemade cards. 
How romantic.

Bodyrock challenge update:
I have been keeping up with my workouts! I finished today's rep challenge in 17:26.3.

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