Well in the past 2 weeks, I have been referred to as a housewife, a homemaker, retired (moved south), and a stay at home mom with no kids. Okay, I may have had called myself the last two. So then you must wonder, what have been up to since I moved? Well other than working out, organizing our house, taking a trip (or two) to Whole Foods, and blogging... let me show you!

 1. The beautiful green grass by B's office at LSU. Its nice to see green grass in February. 2. I try to walk or run around the lake a few times a week. Well Monday morning I got a surprise when the lake was filled with wood flamingos... not real ones! I still have no clue why they are there. Can anyone from Baton Rouge tell me? Mardi Gras? 3. We have been eating tortilla chips and spinach artichoke hummus like its the last food on earth. We had a bag of tortillas to use up so I made chips rather than another trip to Whole Foods... shucks! 4. Have you tried the gingersnap Lara bar? Delish!

5. I may or may not have bought these books at Barnes & Nobel with a gift card this week. 6. We stopped for a quick dinner at Carrabba's when out shopping for furniture. I had the meatball pasta. Mmm. 7. I bought a flat of strawberries this week. I did not want them to go bad so I froze a bunch on a cookie sheet lined with parchment. When they are frozen I can put them in a ziplock bag and they will not be stuck together. Best freezing trick ever. 8. I bought B a package of Justin's peanut butter cups for V-day.

I'd call it a productive week!

What have you been up to?

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