Check it off

We have been busy around here... like always. With a big to-do list and still time to relax, I'd say we had a great weekend. 

Completed to dos:
wash car
get lawnmower & cut grass
plants herbs
clean house
make muffins (...  and cookies!)
cook dinner for friends
celebrate a friend's bday with lots of Italian food and wine
get groceries
paint nails

 We also made shrimp stir-fry this weekend. It was the best I have ever had. Want to know the secret? We got a cast iron wok and made it on the charcoal BBQ! B really know how to cook but he impressed me with this one. The flower bushes are also in full bloom in the front yard.

When I get bored, I bake. I noticed we were out of our fave chocolate chip banana muffins this morning so I made more. I have also been thinking of making oatmeal cookies (no raisins, of course) so I made 36 of those too. They are delish. I sent B a pic of them thinking it may bribe him to come home from work a tad early!

Finally, I have some exciting news!
I planted my garden last week, thursday to be exact. Well... we have sprouts already! Specific items to make an appearance: radishes, kale, mixed lettuce, and peas. I cannot believe how fast they showed up. I think gardening in the south is perfect for someone who has a nickname of "impatient irene"... and that someone may be me.

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  1. I'll take a cookie and a muffin, please! ;-)


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