A few thoughts from 40,000ft

 I thought I would blog from my flight... because I can. There are a few other "because I cans" but I will get to those a bit later. I am on my way back from Montreal to Regina.  Trip #1 was a success... BP = 127/70 for those who are interested. 

I had a few revelations while in MTL:

1. Pedestrians have no fear. Seriously, let's all cross the street when the other direction has a green light then not even flinch when a car drives right at you honking their horn and does not brake or decelerate. Seriously? They have balls. Sorry, no pics. I was too scared of getting ran over!

2. There is no need to shovel sidewalks. When it is -4 and it snows like crazy, let's just ignore the slushy snow (aka not shovel), then throw salt on it late at night so it turns into a sheet of ice overnight. I think next week I will bring my skates to MTL as it will be the safest mode of transport. Once again, they have balls for going outside and not falling on their face.

3. MTL has some amazing food. In the past 2 days I ate carrot fennel soup, pizza (broccoli, asparagus, tomato, mushrooms, zucchini, and garlic), bagels, poutine, and a vegetarian burrito with sweet potato filling. Okay, I ate some other healthy food too, but I did get my fair share of vegetables. I love all the vegetarian cuisine available. Is poutine a vegetable?

4. Is anyone else excited that Pan Am is back? Somedays I feel like I am the only person who watched this show. In other tv news, did you hear Emily is going to be the next Bachelorette? I have a strong desire to nominate my brother for the show... mostly because I have a huge girl crush and think she would be a fun sis-in-law. I am glad my brother does not read my blog, he would kill me if he read this.

5. I am watching The Talk on my flight. I have never watched it before but I love it! Now that I am living the unemployed life I think I may be watching it more often.

6. "Here on WestJet we now offer complimentary beer and wine on flights between Montreal and Toronto". Seriously. I had to ask if they were joking. Yup, as I write this post, I am drinking red wine. Only because I can. Western Canada, you are missing out! 

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