Work it Wednesday: practical boots

 Let's get practical for a moment. I am in Montreal right now and noticed a trend on everyone's feet: duck boots. First I thought it was weird as they are not the most stylish boot, but as the day went on I saw how practical they are. The weather warmed up throughout the day, slush was everywhere, and the locals all had dry feet. 

 To be honest, I have no clue how I would style these boots. After seeing them worn in multiple different ways, I decided they must be worn with skinny pants, leggings, or tights. It's a necessity to even out the chunkiness of the boot.

Olivia - brown boots - black boots

 I'll just be hanging out in my hotel room (watching Glee & Pan Am) while my boots dry for tomorrow. Maybe the practical boots are a good idea. Then again, hopefully I won't need practical winter boots soon... only some cute Hunter boots!

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