It's been a busy week! I have travelled across the country and half way back. During my travels I love to see new things and try yummy food that's recommended either in travel books or online! Rather than showing you everything I ate (yes, I love to take photos of my food), I thought I would show you where I ate!

I went to: 1. Ferreira for carrot fennel soup, salad, and wine. 2. St. Viateur Cafe for a bagel. 3. Il Focoliao for vegetarian pizza. 4. Bagel du Faubourg for a bagel. 5. Reuben's for a vegetable sandwich and poutine. 6. Burritoville for a sweet potato burrito. 

 Here is a summary of my meal at Ferreira. 7. Amazing decor on the walls. 8. Carrot and fennel pureed soup which was amazing. 9. Red wine and water... always have to keep my beverages balanced. 10. Delish bread as a side.

11. This was the view from my hotel room. It was snowing like crazy one day. The hotel was great, the hardwood floored rooms were large, and the concierge was helpful with recommending places to eat. On the other hand, the wifi was very slow and the spa staff liked to use the workout facilities as their break room. Weird. 12. This was my bagel that came straight out of the oven with cream cheese! I love Montreal style bagels. 13. My fave fish at the biodome. It was so ugly but cute. 14. The old streets of Montreal are beautiful in the winter... the view was great... the sidewalks, not so much!

15. I love reading blogs and drinking tea. Have you read Urban Nester? I am a huge fan of this blog. 16. My huge hotel room in Montreal! The bed was sooo comfy. I slept very well compared to most hotel rooms. 17. I did a killer BodyRock workout to make up for the yummy food I have been eating. 18. If you are looking for a hard but short workout, give BodyRock a try. I took a screen shot of part of my workout. It kicked my butt. But it was a well deserved but kicking... I did enjoy a poutine all to myself the day before... not necessary but very delicious!

See you next week with more iPhone photo goodness and other adventures!


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  1. Heheh I love the picture of the fish staring straight at the camera. Definitely very cute, in its own strange way! :D


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