The Sugarbowl

This past Sunday, we went for breakfast at Sugarbowl. I had a gift certificate I was given by Defining Eve we needed to spend before the move. We got there bright and early, it was about half full when we arrived but the tables filled up quickly.

They have old earl grey tea at Sugarbowl. By old, I mean the old version from Tazo. This is hard to come but amazing. It is so much better than the new tazo teas at Starbucks. Just ask E about her thoughts on this topic!

I had the Sugarbowl Benny for breakfast. It comes on corn bread and the sauce is bechamel. What a great variation on a classic. I also love the potatoes and homemade ketchup. I could eat this everyday... too bad it is not healthier!

B ordered a cinnamon bun to supplement his breakfast sandwich.One word = todiefor. Okay that is three words typed together. I love their buns! They get my vote for best in Edmonton.

Thanks for an amazing date B. I hope there is a Sugarbowl in Baton Rouge!

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