Oh how people change. 

The other night B made the above salad for dinner. We had feta stuffed chicken on top and it was served with yogurt herb dressing. It was delish. Of course the chicken came out of the almost empty freezer... one of the many food items we needed to eat before the big move. 

I found this meal to be very ironic. 3 years ago when B and I first met, he would never BBQ after American Thanksgiving. He always said it was too cold to use the BBQ or be outside. When I was arriving home from hot yoga, he was outside BBQing the chicken in shorts! Yes, we are having an abnormally warm December thus far, but he was still outside in shorts. Slowly my crazy Canadian tendencies have rubbed off on B and he now uses warm days as a reason to BBQ any time of year! He used to call it being a "crazy canucklehead" but now he has become one of us! Just in time to move south.

Dinner was completed with a cup of cinnamon hot chocolate (yup, trying to use up a ton of hot chocolate so we have a cup every night!), Glee's Christmas episode, and some knitting. It was perfect.

On an interesting note, my yoga instructor left us with a quote: "If you have poison in your mouth, spit it out. Don't let it fester in your body." This is not literal poison she was speaking of, but poisonous words and thoughts. Be mindful of negative self-talk or putting down others. Take a moment to think of 5 positive things about yourself.

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