House dreams

With our upcoming move, and lack of furniture we are bringing along, I have been spending copious amounts of time on Pinterest looking at home decor. We are renting so we cannot really change anything in the house and we want to buy versatile furniture that will be usable when we move again. Here are some of my most recent finds:

1. We are moving somewhere with no snow and lots of rain... that means curly hair and somewhere to put my umbrella. This owl is way too cute! 2. This art is great for adding interest to a long hallway. It could be done simply by framing wallpaper or wrapping wallpaper over a gallery canvas. 3. We are receiving a large old wood table from the owner of the house. It is beautiful but needs some TLC. I plan to refinish it then buy some beautiful chairs for the dining room. 4. I love this sideboard. I think it would be a great place to store my Sophie dishes at the new house. I plan to use my cupboards as a pantry since there is not a lot of space for food storage then display my beautiful dishes!

Oh Pinterest, such a great waster of time, but the best inspiration I have ever found!

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