Its been a crazy week! Here's why:

1. We have been busy packing. Hence the lack of  photos. We have been getting rid of lots of things we don't need as well. 2. I love the brick walls at Sugarbowl. I want a house with a brick interior someday! The plant is pretty cute too! 3. We ate at the Sicilian Pasta Kitchen this week. B has always wanted to go there so we finally went. And we have no food left! The service was amazing, the atmosphere inviting, and the food delicious. 4. I had a calzone with a Mediterranean salad.The calzone will last me 3 meals, it was huge!

5. I got sent a Christmas gift from the co-chairs of the executive I am part of. They got everyone a chocolate bar that represents them. I got smarties! Thanks ladies. Your kind words are greatly appreciated. What a nice gift to receive. Its always nice to know someone thinks you are smart. 6. I got my hair colored this week! Darker than usual but I like it. 7. no food left = sushi for lunch. Thank goodness I have a Sobeys in my office building. 8. I hope to see this hanging on the outside of my condo soon!

I hope to see you next week! We will be with my family for Christmas so my blogging schedule may be off.

1 comment:

  1. mmmm.. calzone.... :o)

    hope your condo sells!! have a great weekend!


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