Rustic Modern

I have been looking at new home decor recently. I am loving the rustic modern look.

Most of these photos were found on Pinterest. One evening when flying back from a trip we had to wait over an hour for our luggage because the cargo door on the plane was jammed. Luckily, EIA has free WiFi so I was able to be productive with my waiting time and look at home decor. B would call this wasting time but I thought it was a great activity when stuck in Canada customs.

1. I am loving picture groupings these days. Check out this link for patterns for wall displays. 
2. The yellow and great bed is beautiful. I may need to add some yellow into my life to make this happen.
3. I would like a cabinet with glass doors to display my Sophie Conran dishes.
4. Old shutters can be super cheap at antique stores. This would look great by our front door in a different color, maybe charcoal.
5. Apple crate bookshelf? Yes please! Maybe even outside filled with herbs.
6. This filing system is amazing. I hate the look of filing cabinets but this would fit perfect in our office. There are DIY instructions from Martha Stewart too!
7. This piece of art is very different and would be simple to make. I am so glad I love crafts!

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