The weekend

I apologize for the tardy post. I am having a very slow start to my day. I had a very busy weekend. On Friday night we went to the Edmonton Capitals game. The weather was great, the team won, and we got to eat these:
The famous perogy dog. My eyes were definitely bigger than my stomach on Friday night as I could barely finish mine. It was topped with bacon, shredded potatoes, cheese sauce, and sour cream. I will admit, I loved it... but knew I could do better at home. The cook ripped the bun all the way through so there was nothing to really hold the toppings, the bacon should be way crispier, and I would add less shredded potatoes. On the other hand, I loved the fake cheese sauce and sour cream. The homemade potato chips also came with a small pack of cheese sauce which was delish!

At the end of the ball game they had a fireworks show which was surprisingly impressive for E-town.

I spent the rest of the weekend cleaning. Yes, it was one of those weekends.  I also went to Force class on Saturday morning and did The Fitnessista's Schweaty August Workout on Sunday along with some arm weights and an ab workout.

Here are my accomplishments this weekend:
wash floors
clean closets
clean bathroom (including tub)
tidy deck and prune flowers
take donations to Goodwill
wash windows
clean fireplace
wash car
do laundry
sell stuff on Kijiji
organize shed


Things I want to accomplish this week:
make overnight oats in a jar
sell more stuff on Kijiji
workout everyday

Seems doable. Have you noticed I love lists? They keep my overly organized life moving in the right direction.

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