Some random thoughts...

I have not taken many photos this week so, unfortunately, this is going to be a word filled post. I have many things on my mind so here we go:

1. I went to the library yesterday to pick up my blogging books. Of course, I knew I had fines… $9.25 to be exact as I have been very neglectful lately. I went up to the till with my money in hand, was chatting away about being neglectful while away on vacation, and she removed all my fines for me. She said that it happens when people are on vacation and I do not abuse the system so she can "forgive" me for all of them. I was very thankful… but fully prepared to pay all of my fines. I actually felt bad as I was the one that was not organized, I can afford to pay my fines, and the library probably needs the money. Oh well! It was an exciting moment.Thank you nice lady at EPL.
 2. We had our first personal training session at World Health with Alex. She is wonderful. It was our first time going to the gym at 6am and it was very quiet so we could use anything we wanted. She definitely pushed us hard (B and I are training together) and I felt like I worked hard after the workout. As I described it to B at lunch, my arms are fatigued but not sore yet. It hurts to lift my iced coffee. Maybe that means I should give up iced coffee? Nah. I bet I will be sore tomorrow. I love the feeling of being sore from a workout! We did lots of arms with some cardio thrown in.

3. I signed up for a pintrest account. I hope it is beneficial to my blogging. I spent a few minutes exploring it today and found some great ideas. DIY? Yes, please! I love this scarf (but would make it in different colors).
I am not sure what colors I would make this in, maybe blue and white for a nautical look or mustard and fuscia for fall. Maybe I will make it in purple and gold... hmmm. Now I just need a sewing machine! My other thought with this scarf would be to recreate it in knit. It would be super easy to make the two long ends then stitch them together using kitchener stitch. Now I just need to find time to finish all my in process knitting projects and go yarn shopping. Speaking of yarn, this personifies my marriage when it comes to knitting (minus the beer and add extra football):
4. I bought a black Modern Racer Tank at Lululemon today. I needed a new black tank for layering and figured it could do double duty as a workout tank. I love that store... too much. I could have bought more but I restrained myself. B would be so proud.

5. Thanks for listening!

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