Kick your own butt

Last night at the gym I decided to do my own version of Force class with a few other exercises thrown in. The workout kicked my butt.

Here is what I did:
5 min warm-up on treadmill
adductors - 30lbs - 3 x 20 reps
sumo squats with shoulder press - 10lbs - 3 x 15 reps
30 crunches on ball
chest press and chest fly on ball - 10 lbs 3 x 20 reps
back extensions on ball - 3 x 10 reps
deadlifts - 25lbs - 3 x 20 reps
tricep extensions - 17.5lbs - 3 x 15 reps plus 5 dips after each set
bicep curls - 12.5lbs - 3 x 10reps plus 10 quick reps with 7.5lbs after each set
shoulder flexion, lateral raise, and upright row - 5lbs - 3 x 10 each
40 crunches on ball
10 allenwells
adductors - 30lbs - 5 x 20 reps

This is me after the killer workout:

I'm feeling good today but imagine I will be sore by the end of the day. maybes it because of the breakfast cookies I have been enjoying all week. Today's mixins were banana, coconut, and chocolate chips.

Have a great Thursday! Its almost the weekend! I love 4 day weeks.


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