Italian at home

Sometimes, cooking should not be work. I mean, it's fun to make crazy recipes but it is also fun it have a delicious dinner that took minimal effort to prepare. I have had a thing for Italian food lately, maybe it's that I want to try every tomato sauce at Trader Joe's. This one fit my Italian vision while removing the pasta and adding a vegetable. I imagine this would have been amazing with Whole Foods black bean meatballs but they never seem to be in stock anymore. One of these day I will see them in the freezer section and buy every single bag!

1 package angus beef meatballs

1 jar of tomato sauce

2 handfuls of green beans

grated manchego cheese


Simmer meatballs in tomato sauce until heated through. We usually buy pre-cooked meatballs for simplicity sake. In a separate pot, steam green beans for 3 minutes then rinse under cold water.

Top green beans with meatballs, sauce, and grated cheese.

I have a feeling I could be obsessed with making this all summer long. Next time: different sauce and black bean meatballs... same simple recipe!


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