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Happy April! This year is flying by! April is an exciting month as we have spring break and a great Easter dinner planned with friends!

The world is an interesting place. With Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs it always seems to be able what  you "do". It is a competition? Or do we just really like to share? What I share with you is only a very small portion of my life. Seriously, I do more than cook, shop, take photos, and travel to exotic places. I saw a post recently on The Balanced Life about the pressure to do more. Along with everything I do, there are many things I don't do:

1. I don't keep plants alive. I try but then I forget, neglect, and they die. I buy small plants and flowers to add color to my life. When they die, I go to Trader Joe's and buy more.

2. I don't always eat fresh vegetables. We always have frozen broccoli and green beans in the freezer. I also really like canned artichokes. It's better to eat frozen/canned veggies than no veggies at all. Convenience wins some days.

3. I don't run fast. I may be working on my running skills... aka ability to run for more than 5 minutes at a time. Slow and steady wins the race for this girl. When I go to classes at TREAD I can sprint on the treadmill at 10mph for 30 seconds like it's my middle name but I prefer a leisurely jog.

4. I don't wash colors separately. Laundry is simple: Lululemon and other. Other consists of everything. Purple scrubs from work? Yes. White t-shirts? Yes. Just wash it on cold and 99.9% of the time it comes out fine. Convenience wins again. I did not get these skills from my mother...

5. I don't make my own coffee. We don't even own a coffee maker. I love coffee and B loves tea so most mornings we stop at Starbucks. It's our tradition and we think its worth the money as it is something we enjoy.

And you know what, its not a big deal. You don't need to do everything. My world continues to function successfully every single day because I don't try to do everything. The things I choose not to do allow me to be successful in so many other areas in life!

Now that you know everything I don't do, I am proud to share some things I do: practice yoga and pilates, run, cook, knit, teach, sleep 8 hours a night, stay on budget, and nap. I also have 3 part-time jobs that I love, am finishing my MS degree, passed the national OT exam very recently, and continue to work on research at the university. I love what I do and I make sure I do those things well!

What don't you do?

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