lust list

I always have a few things on my wishlist. I am not sure if it is the "cold" weather but based on the colors I am loving I must not be ready for spring.

pixie pants - These have been on my list forever, will this be the year I finally buy them?

ice queen tights - I love these pants in both black and blue! I have been offered a position teaching private pilates sessions a few times a week. Once I know the dress code these might need to end up in my rotation since I spend so much time in workout clothes.

downing tote - The school bag just isn't cutting it anymore. This may make a great graduation gift as it would hold everything I need for my day (lunch, iPad, change of clothes)!

new balance burgundy shoes - I think these are perfect. I love the color and that is can be worn with black, blue, or anything in between.

black patent Birkenstock sandals - I still need to try these on for comfort but I think they would be great for summer.


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