Warby Parker

Hey readers, have you ever heard of Warby Parker? Its a glasses company. I have been contemplating a new pair of glasses since I spend a great deal of time looking at a computer at work. Yes, I have 3 other pairs all with my current subscription but I like to have options. I think I want something chunky so I ordered 5 trial pairs. One got eliminated right away. Here are the other 4:

AINSWORTH in elderberry
SLOAN in rum cherry
WINSTON in revolver black
PRESTON in gimlet tortise

Thoughts? Opinions? There are tons of color options for each but I put the photos in my order of preference!

P.S. They are calling for snow again on Tuesday. Over/under a 50% chance school is cancelled again?!? Atleast this time it would be on a day when I would get paid to stay home!

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