Happy snow day! We are at home today as LSU and Pennington are both closed. Once we defrosted the car we tried to go out... but the interstate is closed, the bridge out of our area is closed, and the long way around seemed like way too much work. It's officially a snow day and we have only had a dusting of snow early in the morning.

Here's some of my photos from the past week:

1. I did a grocery store run for a food study at work. I felt like people were judging me for buying unhealthy food. But it was fun to go grocery shopping for work!

2. I walked LSU lake on the weekend. The weather was beautiful. It was nice to soak in some sun.

3. We have been obsessed with Trader Joe's oatmeal. I like mine with maple syrup and half a banana.

4. Severe weather?!? It's all relative!

Have a great weeknd!


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