2013 resolutions

I will lose weight... 30lbs to be exact.

I am so close to this goal! I lost 13.3% of my weight (23lbs) since January. I don't have far to go to get to my goal. I have changed my eating habits, still exercise on a consistent basis, and feel healthier. More about the continuation of this tomorrow!

I will brush my teeth 2 times per day.

Not successful. I will do better next year.

I will keep my 4.0gpa.

Success! 1 class left in my MS degree and I still have a 4.0.

I will publish 1 academic article.

Close. My thesis is done now I just need to get it published!

I will run a 5k race.

Though not complete, I feel as though I am relatively successful. I have improved my running immensely by using the couch25k app but did not run a 5k. Maybe next year!

I will become a better Zumba instructor.

Yes! I really improved in my teaching skills and have now "retired" since I am almost done my degree.

I will sell some old books.

Yes! We moved into a smaller apartment and donated a bunch of old books to the library. Maybe I should look at donating more this coming year. Maybe this year I will sell some old textbooks too.

Finally, I will improve my blog.

Should I leave this up to you? I feel like I have been blogging more consistently and on more consistent topics. I feel my blog evolves as I do so it may change this year as I transition back into working full time!


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