Happy Friday! How was your week. Mine was long but very productive! I have written my MSc thesis and it has been sent to my committee for review! Now all I have to do is finish 2 papers, defend my thesis and take 2 final exams! The official countdown to the end of the semester (and Christmas vacation) has started!

Here's how I spent my week:

1. I was indecisive with accessories last week. Sometimes a photo can help me make a decision.

2. We have been enjoying the CFL playoffs. It's always nice when you team is playing well and wins.

3. We walked around the lake again last weekend. It was so calm. I will have to commit a walk again this weekend!

4. In my lack of free time I am been working on a new knitting project that involved herringbone stitch. I love this pattern!

5. Have you tried candy cane lane tea from Trader Joe's? This is my new night time fave!
6. This is my official evidence that my thesis is written. When you can check something off your to-do list that has been there for over a year, you deserve a party! Or an Instagram.
7. It's skill test week for the class I teach... no workout means I can wear normal clothes to school! It was a good change to dress up for the latter half of the week!
8. One of my classmates presented an article on hand postures during sign language. He handed out a sheet so we could see all of the postures discussed in the article... then I spend the rest of class practicing my silent communication skills. It's the small things that sometimes get me through my day.
Have a great weekend. Hopefully mine is productive but also filled with some relaxation!


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