Happy Friday! I had a productive week. Did you? Taking instagram photos are not usually a productive use of my time... but clearly a necessity in my life.

1. It was so cold last week I had to wear a toque, scarf, and vest. I have clearly transitioned to Louisiana living.
2. I would love this Coach bag for Christmas. Enough said.
3. While organizing my closet I rediscovered my Lululemon obsession. Maybe I should commit to not buying any more tanks for a while. We'll see...
4. Just a Friday night selfie while out for wine.

5. We walked around the lake twice last week. The birds have started to migrate south and are a great added touch of white to the lake.
6. Yes, I went there. Christmas music has filled my life this past week! If you have an issue with it maybe you should celebrate Thanksgiving in October!
7. The cold weather brought 2 nights of frost so I had to harvest my meyer lemons and bring my lavender inside. Brrr!
8. My outfit of choice usually involves navy. My celery cowl was a great compliment to one of my favorite colors this week.

Have a great weekend. Since I procrastinated all week, I will be spending my week working on finishing my thesis and writing 2 papers for class. The semester is so close to being complete! Have a great weekend!

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  1. I love the celery color and the navy together!! Beautiful!


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