Happy Friday and Happy November!

I had a productive week so it's nice that the weekend is finally here again! I have lots to do this weekend but my productivity this week has motivated me to get more done than usual! Here are some of my fave parts of the week:

1. We went to Red Zeppelin for pizza on Friday night. We sat outside but luckily the fireplace was on to keep me warm.

2. My mom sent me this cute photo of her pumpkin spice latte so I had to share it!

3. My Meyer lemons are finally changing colors. I wonder what I should make... I only have 6 on my tree this year.

4. We made "Steven style vegetables" with fennel, spinach, and pumpkin gnocchi. It was amazing.

Have a great weekend. Other than working on a few papers/ my thesis I will be going to the new Trader Joe's that opened yesterday for my groceries! Yes, grocery shopping completes my week... I have been waiting for a while to go to TJ's!


1 comment:

  1. YOu are growing real lemons...Oh my. I bet they are amazing!


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