This was an exciting week! After my class ended on Tuesday B and I headed back to New Orleans for the Michael Buble concert! I love him because he is an amazing performer... and he is Canadian.  The show was opened by Naturally 7. We really liked the group even though we had never heard of them prior to the concert... think beatboxing/ acapella. You really should go check them out on YouTube or iTunes. Michael Buble was on stage for about 2 hours. He sang some of my faves and some other songs I did not expect to hear from him. We really enjoyed the whole show.

We had greats seats in the 5th row of the second balcony. The stairs were in front of us so we did not need to worry about anyone being in our view! The newly renovated New Orleans Arena looked great. The only downfall of the whole evening was the food. The selection at the arena was good but most of what we ordered was cold. This is something the venue will need to work on for future events.

If Mr. Buble is ever in our area again we will definitely go see him perform!

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