Happy Friday! I had a great week. We went to see Michael Buble, I got some get news and I have an entire afternoon to get some work done in my office today! Yes, having silence in the office makes me happy. Here are a few photos from the week.
1. Sometimes I am really good at taking photos quickly. I took this one on the way home from New Orleans last Saturday.
2. We have been eating turkey leftovers galore. The last stop on the turkey leftover menu was enchiladas with a bunch of leftover veggies from the fridge. It was amazing.
3. I hoard Starbucks rewards like they are going out of style. I promise I always use them before they expire but I like to always have atleast one available... 3 was a little excessive!
4. Another great road trip photo on our way back to New Orleans. It is harder to get good photos at dusk but I liked this one.
5. The opening act for MB was Naturally 7. They were amazing. You should check them out. Seriously.
6. We made poached eggs with spinach and ricotta on toast. I love when I have everything we need for a delicious meal in the fridge without even planning for it.
7. No peeking! Christmas at Starbucks is almost here! You know what that means... Joy tea!
8. I decided to go vegetarian on Thursday night. By vegetarian I mean that I ate chicken that only ate vegetables. The pluckers menu has so many great jokes in it!
Have a great weekend! We will be watching Cardinal baseball, I will hopefully finish my discussion section of my thesis, and I have some other homework to do. We are less than 2 weeks from fall break so that means there really is not much time left this semester!


  1. That menu is too funny! And those enchiladas look amazing.

  2. I'm impressed with your rewards. I'm not even a Gold Member yet!


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