Happy Friday!

It's been a great week around here. I got 97% on my advanced neuro exam, got to hang out with my parents, had a productive week, and am getting ready for a quick road trip this weekend. Here are a few photos from my week:

1. Of course I have to include a football game selfie with B. P.S. He still loved his "hipster" sunglasses!

2. It was a busy week of teaching for me... and midterms for my students. Sometimes it's nice to change it up and do a different workout to challenge us on a stressful week.

3. I love this window at my new workplace. The colors make my day.

4. We had an exciting Thursday afternoon at work/ school. There was a fire in one of the mechanical rooms that was blowing smoke throughout the building. We evacuated... 10 fire trucks arrived... and my midterm was cancelled. I would have preferred to write the exam and get that checked off my to-do list but I will use this extra weeks to study more!

Have a great weekend! We will be in New Orleans with my parents attending the BBQ & blues festival and spending some time relaxing. Back to the books on Sunday as I have my thesis, 2 papers, and a project to work on.


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