Happy Friday! It's been a busy week (like always) and hopefully it will end with a productive weekend. I have an exam to study for... and it appears as though my studying will be completed indoors as tropical storm Karen is headed our direction bringing an excess of rain all weekend. We will make the best of it and just find things to do inside.

Here's a few great parts of my week:

1. Check out this cute pie! We spent Saturday afternoon watching football with friends and their little one. I love her hair!

2. Programming + MatLAB is getting easier.... I think. I did make this happen then transposed a bunch of other graphics on to it using Inkscape. Small successes can be a big deal sometimes.

3. This week we made sautéed leeks and chorizo sausage then added eggs on top. It was delish! And so simple too!

4. The scrubs are officially purchased. Actually, I am wearing them right now as I am going to work later this morning. I do not know a ton about my job yet but I am excited to learn more what what my responsibilities will include.

Have a great weeknd! If you are near us, stay dry! If you are somewhere sunny, get outside and enjoy the sunshine!


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