Happy Friday! The first week of class is always crazy. Hopefully things starts to mellow on campus and I can get back into a groove of productivity. This week I taught 6 hours of Zumba, 6 hours of Pilates, had 6 hours of my own classes, 2 social events, worked, fit in a couple workouts, and ran correlations on my data for my thesis. I guess I did have a productive week. Here's a few photos I have to share:

1. Please welcome our house to the 21st century... we finally purchased a printer that is compatible with our computer we have had for 3 years... and it automatically prints double sided. This is a big deal around here.

2. I will do anything for shoes. Even cook. I love this apron.

3. Tiger Stadium looks great! Football season starts tomorrow so we will have to find somewhere to watch the LSU game.

4. And the most exciting news of the week: pumpkin spice is back at Starbucks! I know it is no where near fall in Louisiana but this is a fave of mine. I enjoyed some in my iced coffee is morning. I love that the PSL is having its 10th birthday this year.

Have a great long weekend! Other than watching football (LSU, Notre Dame & Saskatchewan), I will be looking for new pillows since they always seem to go on sale during long weekends, completing some homework, and cooking to prepare for another busy week ahead.


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