fantasia fairways

Have you ever been to Fantasia Fairways at Disney World? The online description says it is:

"Resembling a traditional golf course built on a miniature scale, this course emphasizes skill over chance. Sand traps, bunkers, water hazards and sloping greens make the Fantasia Fairways Miniature Golf Course an exciting challenge, where par-3 and par-5 holes range in length from 63 to 109 feet long."

B and I decided we had to try it out... and after a rain delay and a walk because of lightning in the area we finally made it on the course. It was amazing! It really was like a mini version of a large golf course... but fun and easy enough that I did not get frustrated. I even got a few birdies! I ended up 2 over par... not too shabby for a self proclaimed terrible golfer. But we decided its not about skill, it's about having fun. My own personal cheerleader... aka B... aka Mr. Most Sportsmanlike Player is great to play with. We may have found a new favorite activity!

Hey Fantasia Fairways... we will be back!

Are you sick of vacation photos yet? I hope not! I still have shopping finds, pool photos (p.s. we got freezes by the pool yesterday), more delicious eats, and a couple beach photos.



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