fall wishlist

These are all definitely wants... not needs. Yes, there is a difference. I may not buy any of these but it is always nice to have a wishlist! A list always adds intention to my purchases rather than allowing myself to buy things I do not need.

striped necklace tee: I love that weight of this tee, the added necklace, and I do not own anything with red stripes. Clearly I have three reasons why I need this shirt.
 merino pocket sweater: May be too heavy to wear right now as it is still really hot in the south.
red driving moccasins: Red moccasins would fit well in my closet. Yes, they would.
crepe henley tunic: This shirt is a great weight and length. I think it would be very versatile for me.
dot belt: Something fun & neutral to add to my closet.
black pixie pants: I say I am going to buy these every year. Will this be the year?

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