CORE certified + vacation

Happy Monday! We spent the weekend in Houston. Every year I have to complete 6 hours of continuing education to keep my Stott Pilates certification. This year Icompleted the CORE basic certification. The focus was on athletic conditioning and core strength. John Garey who is from LA taught the 7 hour course. We focused on theory, basic principles, exercises, and complete two full workouts. The workouts kicked my butt... and I am still feeling it two days later.

John was so friendly and approachable. Of course I took a photo with him to commemorate completion of the course.

I would love to complete more training with him in the future because of his teaching style and his focus on application of research. Maybe next summer when I am in LA I will have the opportunity.

We also did some other fun things while in Houston. We went to Ikea, West Elm & Central Market. We also went to our favorite resturants and found a new one to add to the list. We stayed at the Omni, a hotel we would highly recommend to others. I hope to show/ tell you more about the details throughout the week.

We are vacationing in Florida for the next 2 weeks. I will not have very much access to Internet the first few days so keep checking back!


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