Happy Friday!

This week summer semester started at LSU. Did you know we are already 1/7th complete? It's a been a busy week of teaching, class, research, oh and some other fun stuff too. Here's a quick recap:

1. Sundays at the pool = sunshine + studying for cadaver lab.

2. Breakfast cookies have completed my week. With an early morning Zumba class to teach I need something substantial to get me through to lunch. This has been the perfect solution!

3. A bestie birthday FaceTime! Happy birthday week!

4. My mornings really have been "me time" this week. Here's how I have spent my time:

M/W - teach Zumba, study, teach Zumba, study, cadaver dissection

Tu/Th/F - teach Zumba, complete couch to 5K workout, teach Zumba, yoga, study, volunteer

Seriously. I feel so spoiled is summer semester! I have really been enjoying my schedule so far. Remember when I made my 2013 goals? Well one of them was to be able to run 5K. I did nothing about that goal for the first half of the year so I have decided to start now... in June, in Louisiana... the humidity in the morning is nuts but the heat is bearable and I have found the perfect route that is shaded most of the way! B even came with me today! I feel successful after completing week 1. I have an app that tells me when to walk or run over my music so the workouts fly by!

Have a great weekend! Mine will be filled with studying (first cadaver test on Monday), Mexican food, pool time, and some Saturday morning yoga!


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