Happy Friday!

How was your week? Mine was filled with class prep, working on data for hours, work, volunteering, and exercise! We walked or ran the lake everyday single day this week! I even mapped it one day using Map My Run on my iPhone, one loop is .76 of a mile. Usually we do three loops in the morning which is the perfect length (distance & time) for a morning workout. Here are some highlights from my week:

1. I love my new J.Crew dress.

2. A friend has asked me to make her a cowl in green. I finally went to the craft store and took photos of yarn options. She picked her shade of choice and now I just have to wait for the yarn to go on sale and get knitting! I told her I will probably make it when we go to Florida in August. I love to knit in the car.

3. Pool time! It felt like 36C on Saturday afternoon so this was absolutely necessary. I finally went in the pool.

4. Have you tried the new McDonalds egg white delight breakfast sandwiches? They are delish and only 250 calories! I got 2 coupons for free sandwiches in my newest Shape magazine so they were cheap too!

5. First hurricane of the year. Luckily it is not headed toward us! I know you cannot see the small writing but it is reported that this is supposed to be a very active hurricane season, not cool.

6. I took this photo at 6pm on Thursday. Over 10,000 steps is a successful day for me.

7. Thank you Starbucks for the $1 iced coffee this morning! There is a coupon on Facebook for today only!

8. Have your tried these sugar free, gluten free chocolate peanut butter bites yet? They are amazing... and gone. This photo is from last weekend. I posted a link to the recipe yesterday.


Have a wonderful weekend! I do not work so we will be busy doing things around the house, running errands, and going to the pool! LSU baseball also plays this weekend some may find somewhere to watch the game. Summer semester starts Monday so that shall keep us busy for the next 7 weeks!


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