land of leggings

Oh I love Canada. And I love Lululemon. It must not be a coincidence that Lululemon is a Canadian company. In Canada, it is very acceptable to wear leggings as pants... and I like to follow that motto no matter where I am in the world. During my 3 trips to the Regina store, I made some amazing purchases. Check this out:

reflect pullover in burning yellow - cool racerback in bold stripe zippy green - studio crop in dune - ebb & flow crop in light flare - u-turn reversible pullover in clarity yellow

3/5 items were on sale... add in my R&D discount and my mom at my side... I did not have to spend very much for all of this!

Thanks mom & Lululemon!

P.S. Going to a store with such amazing selection made me want to buy so much! Thank goodness I only had a carry-on or I would have bought way more. I may have to post my new wish list of everything I did not buy.


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