outdoor office workout

I love to work from my outdoor office. Really, I just prop the door at the back of the lab open, take my chair with me, and work in the sunshine. It is prime real estate on campus as out our back door we have a huge covered "porch". With the beautiful weather here in Baton Rouge I have been know to create an outdoor office on a daily basis.

One of the undergrads who I work with in the lab requested to workout on Thursday morning. We did not have a ton of time so I made us a 22 minute Bodyrock style workout with 50s work and 10s break... we repeated the whole routine twice to get 22 minutes. The only equipment we had was a mat... and if you do this workout at home you can use a carpeted surface. No excuses. Of course, the workout was completed in my outdoor office to take advantage of the sunshine and fresh air.

We loved this full body workout. I actually got a text the next day that my workout partner could barely move. I would call that a successful workout.
Hopefully this week there will be 2 more killer workouts in the "office"... we may even have more classmates join us!


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