Happy Friday! This week has been filled with work, homework, and food. That's it! A change of schedule means less blogging, sorry! All those exciting things I wanted to do got put to the back burner... but that's okay, sometimes life does not go as planned. Here's my week... And since I do not have any photos from work or homework, there's lots of food.

1. Tulips from B since I had to work do much this week.
2. We discovered a new sandwich shop, Wich Which. I loved the customized sandwich options. I got hummus with lots of veggies on whole wheat.
3. A turkey sandwich on chia seed bread with strawberries and grapes. Yum!
4. We made Emeril's rigatoni with broccoli and sausage. This was delicious!


This weekend: more work, a LSU baseball game, homework, and more delicious but healthy food of course. Now that spring break is over we only have 4 weeks left of class. I have lots of work to do but the weather is getting better... so that means the homework location may soon transition to next to the pool.

Off to tackle my Friday to-do list! Have a good weekend.


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