What are you eating?

Its another busy week in our house! Luckily, part of my birthday shopping extravaganza included grocery shopping. 

Here's what is planned for the week:
Monday - broccoli mac n cheese (we seriously just add broccoli to our KD)
Tuesday - protein shakes
Wednesday - shitake bolognese
Thursday - out (location TBD)
Friday - vegetarian flatbread pizzas

Notice a trend? Vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables! Yum! I really did not plan every meal to be vegetarian (okay, the soup has sausage) but I am very excited about our meal plan this week.

Other interesting things for the week:
a hair color - still need to decide what I want to do
a furniture delivery!
lots of reading (not so exciting or interesting)
I currently have 2 papers and a research proposal on the go right now.
oh, and I get 120 assignments at 6pm today to grade :(

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  1. Hi Chelsea, thank you for the article and the links


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