Happy Friday! Today is the start to an exciting weekend, my birthday weekend! We do not have anything big planned but I still get to enjoy my weekend. My hopes include brunch, sofa shopping, and dinner at the Whole Foods hot bar. Oh, how times have changed. I would much rather have a delicious breakfast than a fancy dinner! I am not sure where we are going but I will figure it out. 

Here's some instas from the past 2 weeks since I did not post last Friday, oops!
1. Hot chocolate in a bestie cup.
2. Just a quick photo op in class. With an SB of course!
3. Our new favorite show! Duck Dynasty! We are obsessed! If you do not watch this show please start now.
4. My walk between buildings while volunteering. What a great view! Hopefully I will be employed here someday.

5. Today's outfit, as inspired by The Gap. I love this look of a floral dress over my chambray dress.
6. Kale salad and some pasta. This dinner was simple but amazing!
7. Oh Donny, I love your outfits. It's always a great night when they play HNIC on the app.
8. Straight hair! We had a few cools days so it was a nice break from the curly mop that I usually an sporting.

Have a great weekend! Tonight we are going to LSU gymnastics which I heard is a great show.

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