Spring break countdown: crafts

Spring break is so close! All I have to do is mentor an undergrad in the lab, teach 1 hour of Zumba, go to class, and turn in my paper... a paper that was basically done (other than edits) 2 days ago! One of the things I am excited to do over my 10 day break is craft. I love textiles, making things (especially gifts), and producing a final product.

Spring must be here as I am really attracted to color this week. 

I first saw a rug like this in Germany. I am obsessed but they are very expensive. Maybe one day I will make a felted ball rug. - I also love this tshirt crochet rug. I feel like this would be fun in front of the kitchen sink since our kitchen is very neutral. - Dishcloths? Doable. Easy. Great to work on while watching tv to relax. - A neutral bedside rug? Yes please! Are bedside rugs appropriate when you have carpet in your home? - A felted ball wreath?!? I love this. I feel like this would be a great way to practice making felt balls since they could be different sizes and it would not be a big deal.

Who am I kidding? I should really work on my thesis, write a 1 page policy synopsis, finish my 45 minute presentation, oh and I think I will be working or volunteering everyday over the break. 

I will should you what I made to procrastinate after the break. Shhhh! 
Grad students never procrastinate.

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