Happy spring break! Although there is no school for the next 10 days I will still be very busy with writing, completing a few assignments, prepping for a Zumba class I was asked to teach, volunteering, and working.

Here's a couple instas from the past week:

1. Strawberry season in Louisiana is here! These were delicious.

2. We have been using the lake where we live to go for evening walks. There was a sign to tell us to "watch out for snakes" but we survived.

3. I love when Jesse Cook comes on the radio. He was amazing in concert.

4. We made cheesy polenta and egg casserole this week. B found the recipe online from Eating Well. I am obsessed. I thought I did not like polenta. I was wrong. When it is made properly it is delicious! I plan to post this recipe next week so you can make it too!


Have a great Easter weekend!

Tonight we are going to see Elton John! I am beyond excited for this concert. We do not have another big plans for the weekend, just lots to get done and hopefully time to relax too! I plan to post through spring break but my schedule may change based on other commitments. Just keep checking back!


1 comment:

  1. those strawberries look delish! i'm SO looking forward to fresh fruit being in season in the coming few months.

    happy Easter, friend! :)


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