Or Saturday? Better late than never. I had a productive week. This means sometimes school comes before blogging. Now the countdown is on till spring break! 4 school days!

Here's some highlights of the week:

1. My parents sent me a picture of all the snow they got last weekend. I reciprocated with a picture of me at the pool. The pool is still cold and has not been cleaned but I am perfectly fine sitting in a lounge chair to do my homework.

2. A quick workout.

3. We made cheeseburger casserole this week. I found the recipe on Skinnytaste. It was amazing, delicious, and so quick for a week night.

4. B watched basketball all day on Thursday which means we did not have our usual dinner out with his colleagues. I was so excited because instead we went to Whole Foods for take out pizza for $9! We chose portobello mushrooms, prosciutto, and olives. YUM! We still agree this is the best pizza deal in town.

This weekend: relax at home, finish a paper on the actual and potential impacts of Hurricane Sandy, and the usual cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping.


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